Tonner - Tiny Kitty - One Special Evening - Doll


One Special Evening is a doll from the Tiny Kitty line. It was produced by Tonner in 2005. LE 1000. MPN: T5KTDD02. It features Tiny Kitty head, Tiny Kitty body, Pale skintone. It has painted eyes, rooted hair, straight arms, articulated at the knee legs, high heel feet.


brand: Tonner
mpn: T5KTDD02
division: Doll
edition: LE 1000
collection: Tiny Kitty
season: 2005
title: One Special Evening
arm type: straight
body type:
Tiny Kitty
Height (cm): 25½
eye type: Painted
foot type: high heel
hair type: Rooted
head sculpt: Tiny Kitty
leg type: articulated at the knee
skintone: Pale
Tonner - Tiny Kitty - One Special Evening - Doll 🔍
Photo used by permission of Tonner Doll Company, Inc.