Mattel - Barbie - Power Pair - African American - Doll (Barbie Convention)


Power Pair - African American is a doll from the Barbie Platinum Label line. It was produced by Mattel in 2021. It was designed by Carlyle Nuera. It was exclusive to Barbie Convention. MPN: GXL30. It features Nichelle Urban Hipster and Tales of the Arabian Nights BMR1959 Ken head, ModelMuse and MaleMuse body. It has painted eyes of brown color, painted eyelashes, rooted and flocked hair of black color, straight arms, left - bent, right - straight and left - straight, right - bent legs, flat and high heel feet. The set includes pants, jackets, sunglasses, belts, earrings, shoes and mules.


brand: Mattel
mpn: GXL30
division: Doll
collection: Barbie
season: 2021
designer: Carlyle Nuera
title: Power Pair - African American
label: Platinum Label
note: Barbie Convention
arm type: straight
body type:
eye color: Brown
eye type: Painted
eyelashes type: Painted
foot type:
hair color: Black
hair type:
head sculpt:
jewelry: earrings
leg type: