Mattel - Barbie - Color Reveal Glitter! - African American - Doll


Color Reveal Glitter! - African American is a doll from the Barbie line. It was produced by Mattel in 2021. MPN: HBG40. It features Alec Color Reveal Glitter head, painted legs, molded bodysuit and color-change feature. It has painted eyes of brown color, painted eyelashes, molded hair of red/purple color, straight arms, straight legs, high heel feet. The set includes skirt, purse, hair tie, hair pieces, hair brush, puppy, hair clips, disco ball, boa, hair buns, earrings, necklace and sneakers.


brand: Mattel
mpn: HBG40
division: Doll
collection: Barbie
season: 2021
title: Color Reveal Glitter! - African American
arm type: straight
clothing: skirt
eye color: Brown
eye type: Painted
eyelashes type: Painted
foot type: high heel
footwear: sneakers
hair color: red/purple
hair type: Molded
head sculpt: Alec Color Reveal Glitter
leg type: straight

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