Welcome to Doll Scroll!

Doll Scroll is a doll reference website. Being a doll collector myself, I have collected tons of information on the dolls that attracted my attention.
I would like to share this data with other collectors.

On the Doll Scroll website you can find information about more than 40000 items including dolls, doll outfits and other doll-related accessories.
This reference covers fashion dolls and child dolls, collector dolls and play line dolls, produced by different companies and in different periods of time.
I am interested mainly in modern dolls, but some information on vintage dolls can be found here as well.

You can contribute to Doll Scroll project, allowing us to use your doll photos on our website. In this case the credit containing your name (company name, nickname or whatever you prefer) is displayed under each your photo on item detail page. If you have a website, blog, store page etc., a link to your website will be added as well. Additionally, if you've taken a photo of the item you're currently selling, I can add a link to your listing along with the photos. You can send the photos or instructions where to get them to or via Facebook messages.

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I try to share what is happening on DollScroll on our Facebook page. Follow us on social media to be in the loop.