Tonner - DC Stars Collection - 13" Women of Power Gift Set - Doll


13" Women of Power Gift Set is a doll from the DC Stars Collection line. It was produced by Tonner in 2011. SKU: T11DCGS01. It features Heroine head, 13" Fashion body, Tyler skintone. It has painted blue eyes, rooted blonde | brunette | strawberry blonde hair, articulated at the elbows and wrists arms, articulated at the knees and ankles legs, high heel feet. It wears 13" Fashion-sized shoes. The body is marked '©2010 Tonner Doll Co.'.


brand: Tonner
sku: T11DCGS01
division: Doll
collection: DC Stars Collection
season: 2011
title: 13" Women of Power Gift Set
doll size: 13"
arm type: Articulated at the Elbows and Wrists
body type: 13" Fashion
body marking: ©2010 Tonner Doll Co.
eye color: Blue
eye type: Painted
foot type: high heel
hair color:
  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Strawberry Blonde
hair type: Rooted
head sculpt: Heroine
leg type: Articulated at the knees and ankles
shoe size: 13" Fashion
skintone: Tyler
Tonner - DC Stars Collection - 13
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